J.S.Bach & The Beatles




Renowned organist Cristina García Banegas pays homage to two great inspirations on her life on this album that unites The Beatles and J.S. Bach.
" This album is my way of saying thank you to those who awakened a parallel path of my academic musical life: Johann Sebastian Bach and The Beatles. This CD is a dream that comes true after so many years: to record this music in the first sources of inspiration of the geniuses of Liverpool. Two churches: St Barnabas’ Church in Penny Lane and St. Peter's Woolton, both in Liverpool.

The same organ that accompanied Sir Paul McCartney when he was a choir boy singing the Hymns of the Liturgy and in the Polyphony during the years 1954-56 returns to sound in this record! Then, on the second CD, we will bring to life the instrument that invaded the central nave of St. Peters Woolton and that would reach the ears of the first encounter between John, Paul and George in 1957.

Being able to record in such significant locations and play these symbolic instruments brings an immense happiness to my heart. It is my way to say thank you as a person and as a musician, using the instrument that has been part of my career for so many years: the organ.

The Beatles recordings came very quickly to Uruguay. In Montevideo we had a radio program that was broadcast daily between 18 and 18:30 hours entitled "Beatlemania"; the presenter was the enthusiastic communicator, Mr. Elías Turubich. My brother Jorge used to be my listening partner. The emotion that I already experienced when enjoying this music in my 13 years old of age was contagious, fascinating and went hand in hand with the magic of the discovery of the new works of J.S.Bach that my teacher, Mrs. Renée Bonnet de Pietrafesa told me to study at the piano.

So now, it has come to a time to celebrate these two "footprints” that have always accompanied me with a recording in St. Barnabas and a second recording in St. Peter's Woolton.

Thanks to these musicians for having sown the most beautiful little seed in my “Being”.

© Cristina García Banegas, 2019                            

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